Custom Wraps

We work with CrossFit Gyms offering customization. We can add your Gym logo on these wraps. If you have a CrossFit gym or if you just want to have matching wraps with your friends, contact us and we will work with you at a great price.
Please contact us and tell us what colors you’d like (see options below) and send us your logo. If you have other color combinations in mind, just let us know. We will work together to get the perfect wraps for you, with your favorite colors/gym colors. We usually can get all the details done in less than 24 hours so we can start working on your wraps ASAP! 

We will mock up a pair for you for free, just send us your logo!

Pricing with your 1 color logo included ($21-$24 MSRP)
1 PAIR - $25
4 PAIRS - $68.00 ($17.00 PAIR)
6 PAIRS - $90.00 ($15.00 PAIR)
12+ PAIRS - $144.00+ ($12.00 PAIR) - MOST POPULAR

FREE US SHIPPING on all orders over 12 pairs

Send your information HERE