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RockTape CrossFit Gloves Talons

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    Talons are engineered and made by Rock Tape to safeguard your hands from the most brutal workouts. From handlebars to barbells, Talons reduce direct friction to protect your hands from tears and blisters. They’re touch-screen friendly, with a seamless palm design that won’t fail you during a WOD. Best of all, our unique palm material is designed to work with chalk – aiding your grip even more.


    Our synthetic palm material loves gym chalk – continue to use it as normal, and don’t worry about barbells and rigs caked in the stuff. It’ll make your Talans better.

    Sweat Wipe & Silicone Beads

    Sweaty during a workout? A microfiber patch on the thumb lets you make quick work of a sweaty forehead. Silicone beading on the palm keeps you on the rings for muscle-ups.

    Touch Screen Friendly

    We get it. You gotta get that photo on Instagram, start your WOD timer, or take a selfie during a workout. We’ve got you covered – no need to take off your Talans.


    Touch Screen friendly
    Seamless palm construction
    “False-grip” silicon ribs to help with Muscle Ups
    Hook grip thumb protection
    Sweat wipe
    Vented finger side walls
    Para-cord pull strap
    Works with Chalk

    Sizing Information:

    Measure around your hand just below your knuckles, not including your thumb.

    XS: 6" or less
    SM: 6 - 7"
    MD: 7 - 8"
    LG: 8 - 9"
    XL: 9 - 10"

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