Trainingear Knee Sleeves - Green Camo

$ 24.95 $ 49.95

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TRAININGEAR Knee Sleeves, the perfect knee sleeves for killing your workouts – Our new knee sleeves are high quality, supportive, and made with athletes in mind. Keep your knees protected through any workout you do including: High-intensity interval training, crossfit, weightlifting, running, cycling, running obstacle courses, and functional fitness workouts.

  • Provides support, warmth, and compression for knees during all workouts
  • Reduces pressure on knees
  • Material: High quality SBR neoprene and nylon
  • 7mm for maximum support and protection
  • Used for squats, deadlifts, lunges, running, etc. 

Our knee sleeves were made with all athletes in mind. We made sure these sleeves offered maximum support. Our knee sleeves were made specifically for working out in all forms. Whether you have a pre-existing knee problem or just want to protect your knees while being active these knee sleeves are for you! These sleeves were made for the hardest workouts, lifts, and functional workouts without compromising the comfort!

Our knee sleeves are made taller than standard sleeves to add extra support and compression. Taller knee sleeves can help keep the knee stabilized properly which can often help reduce knee pain during workouts like squats. The extra height on our sleeves also aids in keeping the sleeve in place during workouts – prevents extra slippage and shifting during workouts, which is often a problem for athletes with standard knee sleeves.

We believe everyone should be able to access protective gear. That’s why we have made our sleeves reasonably priced and in pairs. Having two sleeves is important and we want to make sure athletes can get a pair of sleeves to protect their knees during all workouts!

Sizing Chart

Our knee sleeves are measured in cm to insure the most accurate fit for you. For sizing please measure 10 cm below the knee cap.  The sleeves must be able to fit over the thickest part of your calves. Use the chart below.

S: 29cm - 34cm

M: 34cm - 38cm

L: 38cm - 42cm

XL: 42cm -  Above 

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