Trainingear Women Silicone Ring Black with Gold Glitter

$ 6.95

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Our Silicone Rings are perfect for everyone, but they are especially great for an active lifestyle. These rings are made from high quality silicone that is environmentally-friendly, nontoxic, and tasteless! The high-quality silicone is durable and less likely to tear without losing the comfort of a soft, flexible ring! Silicone rings are made for people with an active lifestyle, whether that be in the gym or even in your job. Silicone rings are worn and tested by Athletes, Electricians, Construction Workers, and other Hard-Working Americans. With a silicone ring you will never have to worry about losing a ring again. These rings can stretch and fit perfectly to your finger. No matter what activity you enjoy; running, lifting weights, playing sports, swimming, etc silicone rings are perfect!


I absolutely loveeeee love the ring. The ring is nicer than the pic Tyvm

Pamela Jordan 1/24/2018

This ring is awesome! I've been wearing it since I got it. It is true to size, stays on my finger well, and does not irritate my skin. I like the stretch and flexibility. It's fun to fidget with, too

Ali 1/29/2018 McCarty

BUILT FOR AN ACTIVE LIFE: Silicone Rings have been designed for you made of high quality silicone that can't be beat
SAFE! Siliocone rings are designed for safety, worn and tested by Electricians, Athletes, Construction Workers and other Hard Working Americans
Dimensions: 0.60cm Wide and 0.12cm.
Our product is durable and less likely to split under stress - highest tensile strength.
Soft and Flexible - No worry to lose ring again. It has a stretching ability and fits your fingers perfectly.
The silicone bracelet is environmental-friendly, non-toxic and tasteless. Great for any exercise, sport, fitness activity or outdoor adventure

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